Community Action


Asset Building Classrooms

The Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets provide a researched-based framework that identifies the basic building blocks of human development.  The results are compelling: The more assets kids have, the better.  Youth with high asset levels are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors.

Since 2016, the Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families has coordinated Asset Building Classrooms (ABC) with the Stratford Public Schools.  Each year, approximately 100 students and teachers representing every elementary, middle and high school learn about Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets.  Armed with this information, they plan and conduct activities at their schools to build assets.

Special thanks to the leadership and commitment of Denise Keegan, Patty Hines and Lauren Cavalli.

Freshman Forum

Teens who learn about the risks from their parents are 50% less likely to try alcohol and marijuana.

Since 2014, the Stratford Partnership in cooperation with the Stratford Public Schools sponsors this evening program for freshman and their parents to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use.   Over 1,250 students and parents and the vast majority rate the program as helpful.  The program features presentation of real-life stories and the facts about the legal consequences and health risks.  It is also a springboard for conversation to continue at home and throughout high school.

Movin On Up

This program, for incoming middle school students, helps ease the transition and to explore the social and emotional transitions that may occur.