Community Action

Town Wide

Narcan Training

This free Opioid Overdose Prevention training informs attendees about the available treatments, resources and family support services. They also learn how to identify an overdose and how to use Naloxone (Narcan), a medication that can reverse an opioid overdose.

Conversation Table Tents

To coincide with Stratford’s annual Restaurant Week, Conversation Table Tents were produced and distributed to the tables of local participating restaurants to promote positive family communication among Stratford.

Hot Cocoa & Warm Conversation: Ingredients for Family Connection

During the winter season, the Stratford Partnership distributed packets of hot cocoa to encourage families to take time to talk and connect over a hot cup of cocoa.  Through positive communication, family ties are strengthened.

Coffee Sleeves Campaign

Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families and Stratford Rotary Club provided coffee cup sleeves with a message encouraging parents to talk early and often to their children about the risks of underage alcohol and marijuana use.

Research shows that teens who learn about the risks form their parents are up to 50% less like to try alcohol and marijuana.

Sleeves were also distributed at the annual BHS vs. SHS Thanksgiving Game and the Town Hall Holiday Tree Lighting.