Community Action

By Youth for Youth

Ride with the 85 Campaign

“85 Reveals That Most Teens Don’t Smoke Weed” On November 7, 2016, the Youth Committee of the Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families launched a town-wide campaign, spreading the number '85' around school and town and asking "Do you ride with the 85?" Youth Committee members put up posters, magnets, sign; chalked sidewalks; and cupped fences with "85" to get people wondering what 85 means. It created plenty of "buzz" with many wanting to know its significance, but the Youth Committee was not telling anyone until the November 21 reveal.

MEDALS Nominations

MEDALS Awards are presented to local youth, adults, businesses, and community organizations which have made a positive impact and demonstrate leadership in Stratford.

MONEY Grants

Mobilizing Our Neighbors and Engaging Youth - the Partnership supports youth-led activities that align with our mission to mobilize youth and community partners to reduce youth substance abuse and create a safe, healthy and drug-free environment where youth and families thrive. The coalition allocates an allotted amount of money in order to fund grants of $250.00

Popcorn Lung

With vaping on the rise, the Partnership’s Youth Committee created a campaign to highlight the dangerous impacts vaping has on one’s body. One of the harmful effects that can arise from vaping is bronchiolitis obliterans or otherwise known as “popcorn lung”. Stickers questioning whether one would like popcorn or “popcorn” lung have been placed onto the front of microwaveable bags of popcorn with facts about vaping placed on the backside. These bags were distributed to those attending the annual Thanksgiving football game, attendees of the Movin’ On Up program, the Asset Building Classroom training and various events.